The Hotspring Beach Resort and Spa

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Discovering the Natural Mineral Hotspring

Around 40 years ago, this location was transformed with the discovery of a powerful natural hot spring. Initially, its waters gushed 3.5 meters above ground. Today, it's been tamed to 1-1.5 meters, but the magic remains.
Operational hours: 08.00 AM – 09.00 PM.

Why This Spring's Water is Special

The spring's mineral water is a treasure trove of beneficial substances: Calcium, Magnesium Chloride, Fluoride, and more. What's unique? A notably lower sulfur level, ensuring a pure, odorless experience.

Health Benefits Aplenty

Dipping in the resort's pools offers:

  • A refreshing skin cleanse.
  • Relief for sore muscles.
  • Stress relief, with water temperatures around 45°C.
  • Improved massage sessions when muscles are pre-warmed.

Diverse Pools for Varied Experiences

The resort presents a range:

  • Two pools at a comforting 40°C.
  • A brisk pool at 10°C.
  • A leisure pool at 27°C. An indulgent spa experience complements these offerings perfectly.

Unique Beachside Beauty

Experience a different kind of beach at the resort. Not your typical sandy strip, it offers its own brand of tranquil charm.

Why Bikers Must Stop By

At Phuket Garage, we aim to enrich your biking journey. Starting at 500THB per person, access the healing springs for the day. For those wishing to stay longer, room rates begin at 1800THB, including hot spring access.

Embark on your Phuket motorcycle tour with enriching stops. The Hotspring Beach Resort & Spa is an unmissable experience for every traveler.

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